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Positional Belief

The undergirding in what we do.

· Inner Work

My good friend Lydia challenged me this year to take a closer look at what I eat, when I eat, and my perception of my ability to change my eating habits. The emotions I attach to the function of eating, and my beliefs about if and how I am able to change, are all interconnected. Lydia is a personal trainer officially and a life coach unofficially. As my friend, and as a person who transformed her own life through healthy eating and fitness training, she has always been cognizant of my life situations and the complex layers of change. She often says, “Boo, how are you doing?”

What she is really asking is "how are you managing the plate of expectations you have, how are doing in making time to reflect on mental and physical fitness, and how are you incorporating ways to love yourself in your daily life?" One of the most significant concepts she introduced to me was that I had the power to change the foundation of my meals and to begin to unconsciously grab a bag of salad and a protein just as I do a loaf of bread to make peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches for my children. She always says “you are stronger than you think!” She believes with me and for me.

As a coach, I often provide one or two “wonders” with two or three “wows” when giving feedback after observations or within coaching cycles. I know that each teacher has their own threshold, a unique footing on their own invisible mountain of growth. In helping them to reshape their idea of what above and beyond is, through reflective questions, I often need to peel back the “why” of what they do, the outcomes they hope to have, and one or two approaches they can take to make substantial movement towards their goals.

However, with each teacher I choose to work with, I know my success lays in my ability to believe with them and not just for them. Teachers, much like kids, know when you truly believe in them and support their growth. I can’t challenge teachers to embrace risks if they don’t know that I’ve considered and valued their emotional hurdles and have dedicated myself to work alongside them in their transformational process.

And if I find myself going through the motions but not truly believing in a new vision for the teacher I am working with, I know that I have my own heart work to do. I may need to prioritize or reorganize my workload. I may need to re-evaluate my position and move from an up close and personal support to possibly an as needed resource. Ultimately, although every coaching relationship may not be a good fit for me, everyone deserves to have the greatness within them watered.

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